Whose Life Are You Living?

Silly question right? Of course, your own.

Photo by Denerio Watkins on Unsplash

Not so fast. What have you done today to bring you closer to your dream (whatever that may be)? Or did you semi-consciously fall out of bed, miraculously got yourself dressed and fed and made your way to the train station and ended up in front of your desk.

You can’t remember exactly how you got there. All you do all day is stare at the clock. The best time of the day is 16h59. By this time you had already shut down your computer, put on your jacket, bag on your back, earphones on (you’ve spent the last 5 minutes selecting your playlist), ready to shoot out the door.

You tell yourself it’s not you. It must be someone else she is referring to.

That’s what I thought as well.

We have 104 days until 01 January 2019. We are entering the last quarter of 2018. Will it be like last year when, on 31 December you felt guilty that you have not properly thought through your plans for the new year, so what you did was dust off the old goals and put them neatly under everyone’s noses. There you have it!

Let’s look at that list quickly (mentally if you have to). What are you able to tick off, what have you accomplished? Are you part of the 8% who actually achieved your goals. Lucky you!

If you are lucky enough to internalise the above message and actually act on it, you are half-way there. Or the best news for you may be that marijuana has just been legalised in South Africa.

That’s ok too. Remember that you always have a choice. Not making a choice is a choice too. You don’t need any reminder. Your conscience will do the job.

I don’t know all the answers. I just want all of us to have a head-start. Let’s keep reminding each other. Let’s hold each other accountable.

The ones who give a damn are becoming fewer and fewer. Life is weighing us down. It sounds so morbid. Well, if nothing else, let it sober you up. You want to listen, absorb and be pro-active.

Don’t be numb. Don’t try to get into a state of numbness. A weekend of numbing is lost time, time that you can never get back. After each numbing session, it becomes harder to snap out of it.

Let’s go back to that child of 10 who had so many dreams. Go and find that child. Circumstances may have led you away, but you are not your circumstances.

You are not your past.

Stand tall today and make the decision to get out of the starting blocks, to take the first step towards a life goodness and peace. To a life of fewer struggles and more rewards.

It all depends on you. You have to make the first move. And all of us will be here, taking that step with you. You may not see us, but we are there. Our common trials and struggles bind us.

We are all fighting against the same forces. They may look different and may be called by different names, but they are all designed to take away our peace and tranquility.

Well, the buck stops here. A win for one is a win for all.

Keep going. Meet you at the finish line. My path is going here. Yours over there.

Arrive we will. We must.

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