Admin, Aargh!

Taking the agony out of Admin

Is this your response when you think of Admin in your business? That thing that you dread, but that has to be done. Do you have credit card slips piled up in one corner, and saying every day that today will be the day you’ll tackle and reconcile all the receipts?

Or maybe tomorrow, because today you better get some bottom line activity done. Like making a few sales calls. Your receptionist left some notes with scribbles of who to call back. Ok, it says Sam called. He wanted to know about the coffee table. The one that was on sale last week.

Just one hiccup, you don’t have any more stock. Better call the factory first to check how the next consignment is doing. It was supposed to be in last week. They assured you that you’ll have ample stock before it went on sale.

You pray to God that they don’t disappoint you like last time. You still have to call back the customer. What’s his name again, you can’t make out the scribbles, but let’s just call. Is that an 8 or a 5?

You get an alert from the bank. Your bank balance is going into negative. How is that possible when you had such a good month? The coffee tables are selling like hot cake. You’re expecting a payment from Martin, the restaurant owner up the road. He ordered 3 last month.

Maybe you should get your receptionist to call his office. Or maybe you should just call yourself. You kind of like the guy. Martin picks up on the third ring. You wish your receptionist were as efficient. You always have to shout from the back: “Can somebody please get the phone!”

After talk about the weather and clearing your throat again you ask hesitantly. Hey Martin, just checking up on that payment for the 3 coffee tables? Martin says sure no problem, just send me the invoice. For a moment you’re a bit confused. Martin, you should have the invoice, I sent it last week?Then you chuckle nervously and say, don’t worry I’ll send it again.

You hang up and immediately go to your Sent Items. It’s not there. But I could swear, you mutter to yourself.

The phone rings. Your receptionist is not in yet. It’s 08h30 already. Where is she? She better not blame it on the train again.

Good morning! Martin’s Marvelous Interior Makeovers, how can I assist you?

You forget all about sending that invoice.

If this is even remotely you, you need some help. Why not get a Virtual Assistant or Administrative Consultant to help you. A VA or AC is an independent contractor who is on a specific and measurable Service Level Agreement and is paid for hours worked or outcomes achieved.

No salaries, no sick leave, no hassles.

Give your business every chance to succeed. Free yourself to do the really exciting stuff.

The devil is unfortunately in the detail.

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