A Year From Now You Will Wish You Started Today

Take back control of your life.

Now and then. The present and the past. Depending on which side of the hemisphere you are on, you are either preparing for winter or for summer.

You are either looking forward or you are dreading the sweltering heat or the cold and snow. Or you could be close to the equator, where you experience neither.

Let’s take stock, are you better or worse off than you were last year this time? How have you fared in your relationships, at work, in your business, your finances?

The art of living is to constantly improve and become better than you were yesterday. It should be a natural progression.

Sometimes things happen that is beyond our control like an unexpected illness, losing your job, going through a breakup or divorce. This sets you back.

You feel stressed out and sorry for yourself. It doesn’t have to be this way. Most times it is not the situation itself that is challenging, but our thoughts around it.

How do you deal with a difficult situation? For the longest time, all I wanted to do was run and hide. I don’t like confrontation.

Here are a few reasons why you should be happier today

1. You are still here

Some people didn’t make it. Appreciate that you are alive and well. Showing gratitude uplifts the spirit and you feel like you are bringing value.

2. 365 days wiser

Every day we learn and grow. Our experiences are our most valuable lessons. To be able to take any situation whether good or bad, take your feelings out of it and determine the lesson. There is always a lesson.

3. Family and friends matter

I know we sometimes think we can do without them, but your family is your family. You cannot choose them, but you can choose how you will be treated and how you will treat others.

4. You have something to do

Because our days are so rushed, we hardly ever stop to appreciate that we still have a job or that you are running your business. You get a paycheck at month end that you choose to spend as you like.

5. You have an opportunity to make better choices

You cannot change what happened last year, but you can begin immediately to make a better tomorrow. Change can only happen in the present moment, so stop dwelling on the past. Change is the only constant.

Have you smelled the roses today? Get up, go outside (like seriously, right now. I’ll wait) and look around. Take in everything you see that is good and that adds value. Find joy, actively search for it today and you will find it.

Others go out of their way to have a bad day. They want everyone to know. Steer clear! It’s better to be alone than in bad company.

If I look back at the person I was a year ago I can see that I’ve come a long way. I hope you have too. Think about it, a year from now it will even be better.

It is not too late, start today to write down your goals. Start actively pursuing those goals. Make it your mission to do better and become better.

It all starts with the realisation that something has to change. Don’t let your circumstances box you in. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t. They are wrong. They look at you and silently wish that they had the guts to try too.

The great thing is, you don’t have to tell anyone about the positive changes in your life. They can see it. A new life awaits. All you have to do is nod your head and say, I’m in!

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