1. Women of the Pandemic

We suddenly have to find new and innovative ways to go about our daily tasks.

There is a job to do, children to take care of and feed, a family to look after, but now with unforeseen challenges and obstacles.

I would like to applaud these women, who despite the fact that their burdens lay heavy on their hearts, still go about their daily lives with a skip in their step and with their heads held high.

I applaud you beautiful woman. For we are one, our challenges may be different, but our desire to lighten the loads of those around us are the same.

We strive to be that beacon of hope in the lives of others. And we know that one day, this too shall pass.

But until then, we pick up our collective load and we carry it into the light

2. You Can Do It Mamma

This is an ebook for young women and mothers who are struggling to cope during these turbulent times. Being a girlfriend, wife, mother, sister, daughter, and looking after everyone else but you. It’s time to make it about you. 

Do you want Happiness? Yes, most of us do. How do you find it? By making it about you.

Happiness is about being kinder to yourself. It’s about embracing the person you are becoming. Happiness is learning how to live with yourself. How you appreciate fully who you are. How to own it. How to claim it and how to make others see it. 

You deserve all the blessings out there…and they will come, one day when you are ready to embrace fully who you are. 

Good luck with your journey. God Bless!